Monday, December 23, 2013

Waterbomb Tessellation

Guess what tessellation shows nothing interesting when light is put behind it? That’s right! THIS. -_-
This is designed by Mr. Eric Gjerde.
What’s interesting about it is that it curves like half an egg when the model is done. I have no idea why, but it looks like the shell of a grenade split in half.
It is very simple to make, but somehow folding it is somehow a little bit……depressing.
"Why is it named Waterbomb Tessellation?" Well I am pretty sure you would not care about it anyway, but I need something to make my post long………so here it goes.
It is named like that because…
1. It is obviously a tessellation. If you cannot notice it by now, then you may have “No-Common-Sense Syndrome.” Together, we will find a cure.
(No offense please :) )
2. See those inward-pointing stars? They are actually the famous “Waterbomb base” that we use to fold the “Origami Waterbomb” we always threw at our playmates and the drunkards alike.
The diagrams are in the book “Origami Tessellations” a. b. Eric Gjerde.
This is the 4th tessellation I did. The first is the Five-and-Four, then the Square Weave, then the Propellerheads, next is the Waterbomb thingy, the fifth is the Star Puff Tessellation, and the latest (at the time this is posted) is the Open-Back Hexagon Twist.

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