Monday, December 23, 2013

Mennorode Star

This origami model is designed by Carmen Sprung.
It uses 12 rectangles of specific ratio and proportion. But, preparing the rectangles need cutting off an edge. Such action makes many people think that the Mennorode Star is not origami anymore.
Well, IT STILL IS. Remember that you are just shaping the paper. It’s like preparing a square from a rectangle. Only internal cuts are not allowed.
When you make the 12 units, you cannot assemble them into a star just yet. The units must be paired (resulting in 6 pairs.) One pair will be assembled into a bimodule. The 6 bimodules will be assembled to form the star. Wew, think about complex assembly.
Making the units and assembling the modules and bimodules are easy, until you have to connect the 2 ends to form the star. This point can be confusing, especially when the paper is too tight. But, once you get the hang of it, making the star can be very addictive. Lel…..I have already made 12 stars.
This star works great as a Christmas Decoration, especially if you use green and red paper. To achieve the star’s best effect, use 6 rectangles for each color (if you use 2 colors.)
(wew….brings so much memories of my stay at our beach house….the sun…the sand…the radioactive jellyfish…)
Sprung has posted the diagrams for this star.
But if it can be confusing, there are instructional videos in youtube.

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