Monday, December 23, 2013

Oriland Magic Star

This beautiful but head-aching action model is designed by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov, the creators of ORILAND.
There are many ways to fold this star, either by only one piece of paper, or using multiple sheets of paper. I chose the modular version, since folding the one-piece version will leave my hands shaking violently like the hands of a person with Parkinson’s Disease while standing on the roof of a squatter’s house during a 7.5 magnitude earthquake.
Anyway, The star is very beautiful. It is an action model, like Yamauchi’s fireworks. But, the Fireworks is  A LOT easier than folding the Oriland Magic Star. Just folding the units of the Oriland Magic Star will leave your head aching. The results are nice, though.
This is certainly NOT a good model for beginners, but if you want a model like this, Yamauchi’s Fireworks is a good start.
The ebook can be bought from their website

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