Monday, December 23, 2013

60-Degree Star

This is designed by Mr. David Petty. Sadly, Mr. Petty died on December 3, 2011. Rest In Peace, you will always be remembered. :(
This star is made from only 6 pieces of square paper.  It also is not very hard to accomplish.
I remember taking this picture….it was SO hot, and I was literally BURNING. Luckily the model did not burst into flames, or all you will be seeing is a pile of ashes with the words “SUPER EPIC FAIL” drawn onto it, just like the Jitterbug.
There are also diagrams in the internet, yet when I visited the website where I got the diagrams recently, the website was destroyed in a way I cannot explain, just like what happened to the website of the Jitterbug.
Wow, this Star and the Jitterbug have a lot in common.
Anyway, here’s a video from Origami Maniacs:
A shout-out to Origami Maniacs: Its 60, not 6, and it’s DAVID PETTY who designed it; Mr. NICK ROBINSON just did the diagrams. Wew.
Just making things clear. :D
Once again, RIP David Petty. :’(

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