Monday, December 23, 2013

The TSU Series

"That Simple Unit" is designed by the great Charles Esseltine.
It is called “That SImple Unit” (TSU for short) since you can make ANY shape or polyhedra you want. But, some polyhedra requires a BIG number of units, bigger than the number of people who considers McDonald’s as a healthy breakfast (yes, I myself did not even know what I mean).
The lucky star-like thingy in the photograph below uses 15 units. Sounds big, right? (If it doesn’t, then fine, you’re good at origami.) Well there is this cross-like thingy which uses a freaking 31 units (If this still sounds small to you, then fine).
This Star reminds me of a chubby colorful thingy which will explode upon contact. Just look at it! All it needs is a glowing, spooky aura….
Oh yeah! The instructions. Just press this link.
Even though your hands will probably shake non-stop like a chihuahua, the results will be very rewarding.
And oh yeah, when you bring this thing to the beach (why would you bring this to the beach?) do NOT put it in the sand, or else you will be spraying sand all over everything when you bring the star up again. Just think of maracas with holes in them, making them pretty useless and trashy. Yep, just like that.

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