Monday, December 23, 2013

Little Bird Bookmark

This is designed by Barth Dunkan.
I was looking at some funny images and bastard-looking people (who are not my friends on Facebook…I mean my friends on Facebook are happy and friendly XD sometimes they make my day brighten up a bit) on Facebook.
Then one of my friends message me and tells me to make this cute bookmark.
The model really caught his attention, and knowing that it is origami, he came to me.
Then I said, “Sure, I guess.
And now, I present to you, this quaint little bookmark which also acts like a stand-alone over-the-edge decoration or maybe an eyesight-destroyer if you use all-red paper and a bastard camera.
If you think the photo is out-of-focus, well it’s just because some parts of the bird is made up of many layers of paper. I never use a poor quality photograph in Origami A Day.
The model is a bit complicated. If I were to rank the model’s difficulty from 1-10, 10 being the hardest, I would give it a 4.
Like a tessellation, you need to fold an 8 by 8 grid on the square paper. There are also so many pre-creasings, but your hard work will be rewarded by a nice bird bookmark in which you have to slam the poor bird’s tail between the 2 pages you are stuck in, in the book.

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