Monday, December 23, 2013

Square Weave Tessellation

This is a model created by Mr. Eric Gjerde, one of the geniuses when it comes to paper tessellations.
I once showed this photograph to my classmate. She was like “is this 3-D? The squares looked like they are 3D.” I looked at it carefully. I guess it does look 3D. But what’s really 3D is the Propellerheads tessellation I will feature later on.
(Looks like it came right out of a Chinese festival.”
Ahaha! I remember my first impression of tessellations. At first, I was like “Wow this is so amazing! I do not think I could make one like this.”
That impression came because of an incident in making the famed Kawasaki Rose, which required a twist fold. Well, at least it isn’t as hard as the “Spring Into Action” model. :P
But look! My second Paper Tessellation! Note that I was also able to complete the rose. I will feature it soon.
Diagrams are in “Origami Tessellations” by Eric Gjerde.

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