Monday, December 23, 2013

Eifel Star

This is a very famous model designed by Mr. Hans-Werner Guth.
You know what comes to my mind when I see it? CANDY. Sweet sweet candy. It’s a very good model overall.
You need 12 pieces of paper in this model. So, even though you will have to fold 12 pieces of square paper, (it is not really hard, not like the “Spring Into Action”……wow i can’t get over it) the results are very rewarding. It is a little 3-D. Just think of a Gigantic Coin where the sides are cut in a zigzag-like shape. Yep, just that.
And, oh yeah, there are some chambers on the side of this star, yet I still find it impossible to use this star to generate electricity (you know that spinning thing in a generator? Yep.)
The diagrams are in Sara Adams’ website
Suddenly, for some reason, I have an immediate craving for sweets. Just look at it, with all the swirling colors! Sweets! I need Sweets!

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