Monday, December 23, 2013

Spiral-Faced Cubocta

This is designed by Mrs. Tomoko Fuse. The diagrams are in “Let’s Fold Spirals” a. b. Tomoko Fuse.
The units are really easy to make. The big problem you will face is the assembling part.
While I was making the model, almost everyone who passes by asks me “WHAT DA HELL IS DAT?” and I was like “CAN’T YOU WAIT?”
The results are very rewarding. You will get a cuboctahedron with inverted whirlpools on each side….
imageThe cube-like version of this is easier than this one. I will feature the Spiral-Faced Cube (also by Fuse) soon.
The model also uses a freaking 24 units. But, just as I said, the results are very nice and sturdy. :)

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