Monday, December 23, 2013


This is a well-known model created by another genius in the world of origami. Her name is Ms. Carmen Sprung.
Somehow, you can also manipulate the number of units, just like the TSU, but there are some limits.

1) The range of units are from 5 to 8.
2) You can only create a star which somehow becomes more 3-D when you lessen the number of units.

The English translation of “Sternblute” (it’s in German) is Starflower, even if the 8-unit version only looks like it and the thing looks more like a miniature wormhole about to suck you up and spit you out in another dimension.
There’s another name for it, and it’s Sterntaler. I do not know what it means, so let’s pretend its the name of a spaceship about to do a cartwheel in the black void of freaking space.

The diagrams can be found in this link:

There are also diagrams in Sprung’s book “Origami: 21 Sterne,” yet the price was higher than a man who smoked marijuana, peyote, and any other illegal drug combined.
Such a pity, it really is a nice book……oh well.

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