Monday, December 23, 2013


I have seen this model on a youtube video, but the guy who posted the video stated that he did not know or cannot find the name of the person who designed this model,.
So I had a feeling that this model is traditional.
Oh well, oh crap.
I initially thought it was Tomoko Fuse, since a photo in Go Origami! had a photo of an icosahedron with the same pattern, and Fuse’s name is stated as the designer.
Then, I downloaded a copy of the book “Unit Origami Essence” a. b. Tomoko Fuse (Go Origami! stated that the diagrams of the icosahedron is in thie book) but when I saw the the module for the icosahedron in the book, it is COMPLETELY different from the module of the Icosahedron featured here today.
I was like, “whuuut?”
The model requires 30 pieces of rectangular paper. It’s really fun to make, though.
The link to the instructional video:

UPDATE: Tomoko Fuse designed this model. Apparently, there are 2 icosahedra with the same pattern in the book. One from 10 units, the other from 30 (which is featured in this post). Apparently, I was too stupid enough to notice the second one in Fuse's book. 

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