Monday, December 23, 2013

Rhombic Flowers Tessellation

This is designed by Eric Gjerde, though when he made the crease pattern, he wasn’t able to make the tessellation itself yet.The first time I saw the tessellation finished was the Elephant-Hide model by Sara Adams (happyfolding).
This tessellation is a little hard to create. It is one of the complicated (but intermediate) tessellations by Gjerde, yet the crease pattern cannot be found in the book.
Instead, it is found in Gjerde’s website:

The tessellation is composed of flowers created by rhombi (duh) and stars created by hexagons (formed by 3 60-degree pleat intersections) and some triangle-like paper formed by 2 rhombi.
The pictures above are models created from a 32 x 32 grid, but the diagrams have a 64 by 64 grid.The model looks complicated but for me, I would say that the difficulty is intermediate.
I have also done the tessellation in tracing paper, but it was a lot harder than folding construction paper…….tracing paper can be crappin’ stubborn.

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