Monday, December 23, 2013

Modular Ball

This is a splendid model by Fumiaki Kawahata.
Although it only needs 6 pieces of paper (yeah, I somehow have a fetish for modulars), the assembly is so freaking hard.
Well, first of all, there are NO locks to hold the pairs together. See those finger-like parts of the module in the picture? They are the ONLY ones that hold the ball together. Second, a simple twist of a module will send the ball into an explosion, just like the Big Bang Theory in the origami world. But, instead of useful stuff coming out of the egg, we get some C-shaped modules that I’m SURE you would not hesitate to throw them into the ocean.
Some origami can try to kill our freaking patience, but sometimes it can be also very rewarding. The ball is surprisingly very sturdy. I threw the freaking ball of paper to my friend for like 5 times, and still, the ball did not break. :D Nice model, overall.
imageThe ball, to me, resembles something, and that is a big ball of dumb caterpillars who have an IQ of only -7 trying to get free.
Here are the diagrams:
Yeah…..luckily the diagrams weren’t abolished like that of the Jitterbug and the 60-Degree Star…

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