Monday, December 23, 2013

Arms of Shiva Tessellation

This is designed by Eric Gjerde. I think I do not have to repeat where to find the diagrams. :P
So, why is it named after a Hindu God? Shiva (the Destroyer) is usually depicted in art as having multiple arms. Note that the center of the tessellation resembles 6 arms radiating from some source.
It is the last tessellation in the book. I don’t know if Gjerde arranged the models by difficulty, but this tessellation is COMPLICATED. Note that in this tessellation, Gjerde introduces the “teardrop twist” in which apparently, you have to find out by yourself on how to do it. (I still think the Aztec Twist and the Negative Space Stars Tessellations are more complicated).
But, once you are finished, you get rewarded by a very great tessellation that looks very great whether back-lighted or not.

The back has a somewhat leafy pattern. Well, I wasn’t able to photograph the back, but oh well, just search the net. :)
Gjerde has steps in the book for making the model, which stated making the teardrop twists first. But, I did NOT follow them. I just did the big hexagonal twist in the middle first. For me, doing the hexagon thingy is A LOT easier.
This has been one of the best tessellations I have made yet. :D

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