Monday, December 23, 2013

Open Back Hexagon Twist Tessellation

This tessellation is designed by Mr. Eric Gjerde.
Even though it looks complicated, it is really easy to create. But, expect that you will make a lot of precreasings. :P
Let’s see if your fingers will not fall off after doing it…..
I remember making one for myself. People who saw it were saying “WOW THAT IS SO COMPLEX SO BEAUTIFUL HOW DID YOU DO IT WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS” and i was like, “wut?
I was so proud of the little paper thingy so I did not even let my best friend touch it. That is what you call “Protectiveness” and “Over-Activeness”.
The instructions are in the book “Origami Tessellations” a. b. Eric Gjerde.
What I love about hexagon-shaped tessellations is that they look like a star about to blow up, or maybe a whirpool with more little whirpools inside………….

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