Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Nobuko's Puff Ring / December Decoration

In the origami world, if 2 origami artists invent the same design independently, they both equally share the rights to that design. One case of this is the Nobuko's Puff Ring for Nobuko Okabe, or the December Decoration, for Jose Meeusen.

You can find the diagrams in either Creased Magazine Issue 12, or Easy Origami to Enliven Your Life (Kurashi o Irodoru Raku Raku no Origami) Book by Tomoko Fuse.

When making thie units of this model, I advise you NOT to use small paper; anything smaller than a 4 inch x 4 inch is a no no. Why? Because it'll be hard to assemble and your model will look very crappy. Plus, the locks will be weak.

The units are easy to make, though, The units are just modified preliminary bases.The assembly is also a bit easy, though if you do not lock it meticulously, it will fall apart.

Plus, you get to "puff" it up just by pressing the model a bit.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Spring Into Action

This is designed by Jeff Beynon. Apparently, you can find the instructions all over the Internet, and Fuse's "Let's Fold Spirals."

If you read my first (and annoyingly corny) posts in OAD when I was still in tumblr (I think you know why I switched to blogger), you would surely notice that I criticized this model so much, since before, I always attempted to make this model, but it was too hard so I guess my anger and annoyance took the best of me. But guess what? I SUCCEEDED. :D

Like the crane, it is one of the most famous models over the origami world (though it depends from person to person if he or she knows about it.) Heck, it even had a special place in the origami article of Wikipedia.

This is also one of the "perfectionist" models. Use thin paper, and it will rip up easily, plus it wouldn't shape good. Use thick paper, and it will rip too (plus you'll p**s all over yourself, though that never happened to me). Use the right thick of paper, and you'll get a masterpiece.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Palleas Box

This is designed by Peter Keller. The steps can be found on his flickr page.

This "box" can be very convenient, except
1. It cannot open properly
2. It is not a box.

Such irony. Anyway, it still makes a cute decoration, being a chubby star like its mortal enemy, the TSU, and it has a wee little flower at the middle.

Kudos to my sister for helping me color the paper since she wanted to. XD

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