Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Cercles-Flours Tessellation

I present to you my second-to-last post for the year of 2013: The Cercles-Flours Tessellation designed by Lydia Diard.

Why I decided this to be featured on New Year's Day/Eve? The tessellation has a festive feeling to it. Circles are also considered to be good luck to the Chinese during New Year's Day/Eve.

This tessellation is beautiful on both sides. (Basically all tessellations are). One side depicts a combination of circles and flowers, while the other side features a semi-flagstone pattern.

It's also pretty easy, but I suggest (especially for other tessellations too) that you practice on a small grid first before working on the larger ones. Making grids is hard work and I know you do not want it to go to waste.

This tessellation looks great back-lighted too.

Happy New Year to all! :D :D

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