Monday, December 23, 2013

Roman Church Floor Tilling Tessellation

This is designed by Christiane Bettens, and the instructions are found in the book “Origami Tessellations” authored by Eric Gjerde.
This has been one of the hardest tessellations I have succeeded with. the result is also very small compared to the size of the paper I have started with. This is one of the characteristics that makes the tessellation a bit cute :D
The story behind its creation is that Bettens visited a church in Rome, and the churches in Rome are VERY BEAUTIFUL. (I’m going to be an architecture student…) She got inspired by the floor designs of a church, so out from her creativity came this:
The tessellation really looks nice, and complicated. In the book, it is labelled as “Intermediate”, so do you think I will be able to do the advanced projects??? crap…. -_-

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