Monday, December 23, 2013

Star Puff (Ralf Konrad)

This particular Tessellation is designed by Mr. Ralf Konrad.
This tessellation, although it is labeled “beginner” in the book “Origami Tessellations”, i think it is more of an intermediate model.
From afar, it looks like it is made of porcelain or glass or something smooth. The name also reminds me of food. :P Yum yum……
This complicated model’s diagrams are found in the book "Origami Tessellations" a. b. Eric Gjerde. Note that in the book, the crease pattern is wrong.
There is also a simpler version of the “Star Puff”. I didn’t see any diagrams but there are many video tutorials of it. I recommend the video by happyfolding (Sara Adams) though.
By the way, I also photographed it with light behind it…..
It looks like it just came straight from Mordor or something like that. XD
This is my fifth tessellation. I forgot to post my fourth one so just wait for it.

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