Monday, December 23, 2013


Wew, it looks like a cute cat’s plaything or something. Nice, overall.

Anyway, its supposed to twist into a nice octahedron.

I remember making the same model years before, but what I got after twisting, was some ripped-up paper from the rage I spilled when the “origami” (yeah with a big BIG quotation mark) thing just literally exploded into bits….
Thankfully, the one on the photo below did not. Wooh….
This is designed by Tung Ken Lam. There are diagrams in the internet, although when I visited the website of the diagrams I used before, it literally was destroyed in a way I literally cannot explain.
There are still video tutorials such as this one…. 

If this thing exploded too, then all you’d see in the picture are burned scraps of freaking paper, with the words “EPIC FAIL” written all over it.

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