Monday, December 23, 2013

3 6 3 6 Tessellation

This is designed by Shuzo Fujimoto, and the instructions are in Gjerde’s BookOrigami Tessellations”.
I wasn’t aiming for this tessellation at first. I was supposed to make the famous Arms of Shiva tessellation, but I immediately lost interest with it (I did not say I cannot do it). Then, I thought about the paper.
I thought, “sayang, maaaksaya tong papel na ito,” which meant, “Pity, the paper will be wasted,” and so I made this:
…….which when not back-lighted, looks like this:
PS: Orange is my favorite color :D
It’s really easy, and it yields a beautiful design when back-lighted. It is just a couple of hexagon twists and triangle twists, that’s why it is named “3 6 3 6" after the number of sides of a triangle and a hexagon.
Somehow, Its size shrinkage also is great, much greater than the Basket Weave Tessellation last time. So, apparently, this is the smallest tessellation I have made ever since I have posted this post. (wut)
Maybe I’ll do the Arms of Shiva next time…..

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