Monday, December 23, 2013

Rhombus Weave Tessellation

This is designed by Eric Gjerde and instructions are found in the book “Origami Tessellations”.
The tessellation I made is VERY different from the tessellation pictured in the book.
This is from the book:imageThis is what I made:
Looks boring, right? I searched the tessellation in Google and guess what? Only ONE person was able to make the tessellation version shown in the book.
According to Gjerde, if I use a square in this tessellation, a parallelogram shaped tessellation will show up. Guess what? I got a rectangle.
It still looks nice though, especially when it is back-lighted.
So somehow, I felt a half of success, and a half of disappointment, but I still feel pleased with my work.
Maybe I will try to figure next time how Gjerde got a parallelogram-shape. But I’m still keeping the rectangle :)
The tessellation is labeled as “Intermediate” in the book, though it is pretty easy. Maybe it is because you have to figure out in what part of the grid you will make the twist since one simple mistake will make your tessellation looking like a bastard piece of paper.
Basically it is just a series of rhombic twists arranged to look like a wave or some snakeskin or whatever.
This is my tenth tessellation.

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