Monday, December 23, 2013

Field of Stars Tessellation

This is a tessellation designed by Eric Gjerde, and the diagrams can be found in his book “Origami Tessellations.”
Apparently, it is categorized as “advanced" in the book, though it is actually easy to make.
The tessellation has a star twist in the middle, surrounded by other complex designs.
When put to the light, it looks like a spider web clinging to a star, or maybe not.
Because of it’s great and web-like design, this became one of my favorite tessellations.
For the difficulty rating„,well you know my style……..I’ll give it a 5.
It has been used in the original cover of “Origami Tessellations.”
(courtesy of Desma 22)
Well it wasn’t used since Gjerde described the cover as “old-style.”
So that’s all I got to say…..

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