Monday, December 15, 2014

Stella Pitti

PS Note: It has already been a LONG TIME ever since I have posted :P Here is why:
1. Me and my group mates went to Japan to participate in the 2014 Asian International Children's Film Festival to present the Philippines (our film was chosen and it was a privilege!)
2. My pointing finger of my right hand got rotten on the upper part and I had it operated on. Right now I am still taking medications. (It was painful as hell...but of course not as painful as giving birth to a donkey...maybe).

3. SCHOOLWORKS and ASSIGNMENTS....took me AT LEAST A WEEK to finish them all...

Well now you know my rise and eventual fall...2 times....ahahaha

Well, starting with this post, we are starting the 10 DAYS BEFORE CHRISTMAS! In this blog, there will be a countdown with December 15 (today) being number 10 and December 24 (Wednesday) being number 1, with one origami model per day (and can be used as a Christmas decoration or something). Then on December 25 there will be a SUPER SPECIAL POST dedicated to Christmas !

Let the countdown BEGIN!


This is Stella Pitti (I don't know where he got the name either), designed by Francesco Mancini, with the diagrams published in a booklet named "Mancinerie" (which is also his screen name). But, when you do not have enough money to buy the booklet, fear not! (wut) I found video instructions by Sara Adams on this model posted on Youtube, and it is through that video I learned making it. A cute model to go with any Christmas Tree! (Especially with foil paper, though I haven't tried it yet)

What do you think is featured as number 9 in the countdown?

Happy Holidays!


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