Sunday, December 21, 2014



This is designed by Dennis Walker, with diagrams found in:

with video tutorial by Sara Adams in

This is a very nice decoration to garnish your home or gifts with in the holidays! (Too bad it does not snow where I live, though. Crap.) The best paper to use in this model is semi-translucent paper (like tracing paper, if your tracing paper is not like what I have here which is so hard to cut and make genderless folds with). Make sure to use paper not TOO thin, but not TOO thick either. There are parts where the model gets too stuffy to fold, and parts where it's vulnerable to ripping its ass off. Even though it looks complex, it is actually easy to intermediate, I guess.

Well, since I cannot find my tracing paper (how many days did I not post?) I used the closest kind to tracing paper: Parchment. It is the type of paper used for the diplomas you love so much and hang it on your favorite wall spot. The paper in the photos above is Parchment. But, as you can see, the pattern is not really evident even when backed up with black paper. When you use tracing paper, it will show more. (I should have bought some, but right now I'm busy buying gifts for my friends...especially the demanding witches...).

Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays!


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