Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Yey! Origami Timeline: Year-End Review (2014)

Yey! Origami
January 17: Fish (Vinko)
January 30: Crease Pattern for Flowing Rivers Tessellation (My Design)
February 13: Smart Waterbomb (Chapman-Bell)
February 14: Geometric Flower (Guarnieri)
February 22: Star Doris (Ennen), Butterfly (Giunta)
March 21: Snail (Komatsu)
April 3: Pelleas Box (Keller)
April 12: Spring Into Action (Beynon)
April 30: Nobuko's Puff Ring / December Decoration (Okabe, Meeusen)
May 17: Starry Fields Tessellation (Manaois)
July 11: Tarantula (Lang)
July 12: Geometric Bird (Diaz)
September 19: Beetle (Nakashima)
October 25: 12-Point Star (Keller)
December 15: Stella Pitti (Mancini)
December 16: Stern Franziska (Sprung)
December 17: Stern Clarissa (Sprung)
December 18: Sonobe Polyhedra (Sonobe)
December 19: Pine Cone (Petty)
December 20: Flower For Rose (Scott)
December 21: Snowflake (Walker), Origami A Day changes name to Yey! Origami
December 22: Snowflake (Wu)
December 23: Wreath (Scott)
December 24: Christmas Tree (Guarnieri)
December 30: Regal Tessellation (My Design), Flower Tower (Palmer)
December 31: Fuufuki Asagao Kusudama (Fuse), Year Review (THIS POST)


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