Saturday, October 25, 2014

12-Point Star

This Star is designed by Peter Keller, and the diagrams can be found in his Flickr page. (I am not sure if the diagrams are still there...)

The design looks quite like Carmen Sprung's Star Katharina, but the problem is I'm too poor to buy the book and see if the processes are similar too...

This model is the "origami that shrinks to atomic size even when folded from a country-sized paper" type...if you want a star that is big, then use some big paper. Here in the Philippines big paper is kind of rare...but there's this big paper that is so big but a bit thick that you can buy here. Locals call it "cartolina."

Another thing that's cute about this star is that it stands on its own. People will be like, "oh look that star is so d@mn cute" until they accidentally knock it off the table and send it burning down the pits of hell. Just joking...

Nevertheless, it is a great-looking model that may or may not be easy for beginners. I do not use levels of easiness in this blog anymore since the easiness of a model really depends from person to person, just like opinions...well, they ARE parts of opinions.

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