Wednesday, December 31, 2014

ふうふき あさがお くすだま

This is the Fuufuki Asagao Kuduama designed by Tomoko Fuse. The diagrams can be found in Fuse's book "Unit Origami Fantasy".

The kusudama looks very cute at first glance. It looks also very clean and simple. But, a very big problem about this model is the locking mechanism. Expect that you will have lots of trouble assembling the model since the units separate very easily.

It also is fragile unlike other kusudamas. Just after examining the photos I took below, I turn around and BAM! the kusudama is on the floor and in pieces. It was the third time it shattered into the 30 units that make up the model. I had to resort to using glue to make the model sturdy, and every origami artist knows that GLUING is a mortal sin in the divine laws of origami...

But anyways, it is still a cute model, and it is my second legit kusudama after folding Sinayskaya's Stilleto Star for the 2014 International Origami Internet Olympiad.

Happy New Year!

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