Saturday, February 22, 2014

Spotted Butterfly

This is designed by Alfredo Giunta. The diagrams are found here:

Before, I am more of an origami artist who makes geometric forms more than animals. Now, I decided to try animals more.

You have to be very careful in making this model, since there are steps that can rip the model if you do not "watch out."

I appreciate the design of this model since Giunta have exerted much effort into putting detail onto the butterfly. He even put detail on the insect itself. The models I have seen for now only beautify the wings. Im pretty sure, though, that there are also other models like this (like LaFosse's works).

I advise that you do not use thick paper. There are parts where paper can be very hard to fold if you use thick paper (like the head).

You can make one (basically any origami) to a grumpy person to make him or her feel happy, or just to cheer him or her up. :D I gave one to my grandmother who is in the hospital due to a fracture. (Please pray for her.)

(after taking this photo a small white Psyche Butterfly (the animal it was modelled after). Coincidence? I think not. XD)

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