Thursday, February 13, 2014

Smart Waterbomb

This is designed/invented by Philip Chapman-Bell. The crease pattern is in and .

This model is pretty simple, but as origami artists put it, "simple does not mean easy." You got that crap right.

It is made from a circular piece of paper. So, in making this model, make sure you've got a nice compass nearby or else your work will just become a mere snowball/brain/abstract sculpture thingy at the end.

You also have to make curved creases (to obtain the egg-like shape) and these creases should be PERFECT. But, don't worry, the edge of the paper will guide you. How? I won't tell, just look at the links above.

At the end, you can stick a stick (what) up the bottom of the model. Then, you blow on it like it is a windmill. It spins really fast, so do not use a pointy stick or else it will literally drill through the effing paper and waste the hard work you have put through (unless you forced another one to make it for you).


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