Friday, March 21, 2014


This particular model is designed by Komatsu Hideo or Hideo Komatsu, since Japanese tend to put their last name first and now I can't tell which one is which.

You can find the diagrams in Tanteidan Convention Book # 19. P.S. The instructions for this model contains 102 steps. Meh, I know you can do it, though it's not very simple.

I've been stuck up with geometric forms and tessellations for so long, so I decided to make more animals besides the butterfly and the red flappy bird-like thingy I featured before. So, I just started randomly looking at my followers' photostream, and then HOLY CRAP IT'S AWESOME.

When I was young I had made 2 types of origami snails; One has a completely flat shell where I had to draw the spiral on, or else it will look like a drunk man bending his legs over. The other one looks like a slug which came from a birthday party...

I advise using large paper for this one, since the model gets thick in making the head of the snail. I used fresh bond paper (I ain't very eco-friendly am I?). Heck, it even has a watermark.

In making this model, be careful not to tear the paper.

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