Saturday, February 22, 2014

Star Doris

This star is designed by Klaus-Dieter Ennen. You can find the tutorial at (Sara Adams).

When I decided to make this star I thought it was modular. So, I started with a 4 X 4 inch square paper. I muted the tutorial video, since my computer has incredibly loud speakers even though it's at a low percentage, and it's so early in the morning so I do not want to wake up my sister from her adventures in dreamland. Which means, I did not know it was single-sheet until the end of the tutorial.

But, I really liked the star so I made another (larger) one with kami brought by my aunt from the United States. (Thank you aunt! :)) The paper was stiff, making the star open up a bit. But the results was awesome! :D

The star is easy-medium, though there are parts where you have to be careful, or else you will rip the whole thing up. What a waste.....

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