Friday, September 19, 2014


This is designed by Jo Nakashima. He also made a tutorial and posted it on his YouTube channel.

Everyone loves beetles, right? Well, I find them photos. When I face the real thing, I cringe a little  When I played with some in a beach house in Sariaya by trapping the beetles in a small container, I again adored the cuteness of them...until I released them at the beach. Those f@king things LITERALLY attacked me. And I went off the beach scurrying while leaving my slippers stuck in the sand in the process.

Moving back to the topic, this model, which looks complicated, is still complicated...but not as hard as it looks. A lot of those back-and forth folds are incorporated in this model, which can make the paper easily rip. Ugh...even the paper here is cheap. Make sure to use thin paper for this.

Well, of course, good practice makes perfect. (Thumbs up) (But nobody is perfect, so why practice? XD JOKE.)

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