Saturday, July 12, 2014

Geometric Bird

This is a design by Roman Diaz. You may find the diagrams in his book "Origami Essence."

Look at that cute bird :) It has the body of a box yet can stand on its own two feet :3

It's kinda easy, but of course I had to take in considerations in puffing up the model, and make it, err.....geometrical. :) What do I mean by geometrical? The bird is basically a polyhedron thingy draped with a bird's costume, I think.

Plus, another hard thing is that I had to position it's cute pointy feet in a way that the bird is balanced and can stand up properly. The bird must be having problems with it's cuboid-like least give it some balance. :D

Note to self: Write the post about Diaz's Owls......

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