Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pentagonal Rose

Pentagonal Rose
Naomiki Sato (さと  なおみき)
Level of Difficulty (5x ☻= hardest)
Type (According to Number of Sheets Used)
Type (According to Object being Presented)
Video Tutorial

I must say...this model really destroyed my fingers before I totally got the hang of it. It took me a thousand tries before I noticed that the mistake I keep on making that led to disasters is actually very obvious and dumb. But, once I was able to get the hang of it, I could not help but make more.

This origami rose really captivated my attention because this model looks more realistic than most of the other rose models (though there might be something more realistic out there). It even comes with this five-point calyx with a conical tab which fits into a hole at the bottom of the flower.

(Did you make this flower? Post it on Yey!Origami's Facebook page!)


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