Saturday, August 1, 2015

Leafy Dance

 Leafy Dance
 Alexander Kurth
Level of Difficulty (5x ☻= hardest)
Type (According to Number of Sheets Used)
Singular Sheet
Type (According to Object being Presented)
Plant (Leaves), Probably more Abstract
Video Tutorial

This origami model, representing two leaves swirling around each other, is shaped usually with a paper clip or something to hold the little strip of paper in the middle. However, if you do not want anything holding the paper during presentation (like me pfft) is to use paper made for "wetfolding" wherein you use water to shape the model. (I have not tried it yet since the diversity of the paper industry here is ridiculous.) You could also do the thing I did: use a paper clip and then leave the paper clip attached to it so that the model will be held in place over storage time, and then the clip can be removed during presentation. (It will slowly lose form though once nothing holds it.)

This model uses a certain crease pattern (see link above) which, when sculpted, the paper naturally falls into the supposed shape you see above. This can be kind of tricky since some parts of the paper can be a bit (?) stubborn. Therefore, you should be really accurate in folding the crease pattern.

Good luck in creating this! d(^ _ ^)b
Post it on Yey! Origami's Facebook page once you make it! I'll be looking forward to see it! (For the meantime let me vomit for seeing the old posts I made on this blog.)


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