Saturday, May 17, 2014

Starry Fields Tessellation

 Sorry that I am not able to post origami models frequently, since recently I was running around like a bastard among ghost hunting, review classes (not summer classes....heck I was even admitted into the star section in my school :D ) and this summer reading assignment; to read a feminist book named House of the Spirits.

This is designed by Zeril Jan Manaois. There is no diagram or crease pattern yet, but it can be derived from Gjerde's Five-and-Four.

As said by Ilan Garibi (I think), "One tessellation can give you four models: first side, the other side, and both sides backlit." In this case, on one side, you will get 3-D sandcastles which are shaped like stars (I miss my vacation house XD ). On the other side, you will get craters with slopes that slide into the deep ways of the Earth XD. Joke. Have I mentioned how great it looks backlighted? :D

Moving on, I made a similar tessellation named Recto 1009 by Lydia Diard (instructions on her website; search her name on Google XD ). Somehow, this is a square version of Recto 1009 (there are differences however). You could pass it off as those 2 tessellations being brother-and sister :D except the brother (starry fields) is emotionally secured while the sister (Recto 1009) is insecure (no offenses to Ms. Diard). I must say, both tessellations are awesome in my book, and surely to other people too. :) (I'll feature Recto 1009 on the next post) All origami tessellations and origami models are awesome! (Except for modulars with weak or no locks......those sh*ts give me nightmares). Some are just hard, some are easy.

Rating of difficulty (from 1-10, 10 is hardest)....maybe a 4. :) Great for beginners. :D

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